Renovation Wood Tile

With the kitchen almost done we are onto the master bedroom, guest room, and home gym for renovations. The house is pretty messed up and it looks like we just moved in.  Everything from the bedrooms is now in boxes in the middle of the dining room.

Painting has been done in the master bedroom. We went from light beige walls to a custom gold paint color on the walls. Two accent picture frame wall boxes were built by John using his Craftsman table saw to complete the projects. The inside of the boxes were painted a dark golden yellow to accent the wall color.

The floor was a dilemma because I wanted to replace the carpet with wood flooring. However, there are some big negatives choosing wood or engineered wood flooring. Living in Florida can make real wood flooring warp due to high humidity and of course there is scratching. Engineered wood flooring is a great alternative except it still can scratch and with 7 kids and 3 dogs and 2 cats even engineered flooring would not stand up.

Believe it or not I was in Bath and Body Works shopping and my son said, “Mom look this floor it is wood tile.” I thought WOW this is wood tile?  I did some homework and decided that wood tile was what I wanted. I went to my local tile dealer and picked out great wood tile. I picked porcelain because it is stronger then ceramic tile and I made sure it was made in the USA. It is coming along and the results are fantastic!
I will keep you up to date and show you the finished results of this amazing product.

Tamara, Founder


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