Laura Geller’s Filter Fix

Laura Geller is my favorite make-up brand, and she one of my favorite make-up artists too! I love her baked technology, and the fact her make-up is good for your skin! She just launched a new finishing powder called Filter Fix (baked correcting setting powder).
It is a loose pigmented powder, I like to use the Filter Fix to set my make-up. The Filter Fix is designed to give you HD skin, just like a real- life filter!
The color of the powder is apricot, but goes on seemly. The apricot color does not interfere with your face makeup or turn your face orange. Instead it creates a flawless glow, and leaving your skin to feel like silk. I place one application on in the morning, and my face still feels like silk 12 hours later! Filter Fix makes my face look like I am wearing the beautification Snapchat filter!
Available at for $33.00
Nina, Original Stylist

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