Candid Camera

Sometimes photoshoots go as planned and other times they do not. Most of the time it is weather related and we have to postpone the shoot. Sometimes kids and dogs just don’t feel like getting their picture taken or the location we picked is unavailable that day.

This shoot was no exception! I had to get this shoot done to officially launch our brand and our marketing team wanted a picture of us. I had kids that did not want their picture taken and Gatsby that wanted to jump down and run in the marsh.
What you don’t know about this shoot is the pick-up truck you see was stuck in the mud! The truck was positioned for lighting and the front wheels got stuck. We went through the entire shoot with a stuck truck, I smiled through Gatsby, kids, and worrying we would have to call a tow trucking. If you want to know the truth this was the only good picture we got!

We got the truck out and all was good!  Life is always full of surprises in the house of Originals.

Tamara, Founder

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