Kitchen Renovation

Renovations to the kitchen are moving along. We have cabinets back up and our new off white walls are painted! The off white walls accent the light cabinets and made the kitchen look big and totally updated. It has not been easy with the little kids but it is worth it. I am “re-training” them not to touch the white walls and so far so good!
I am going to take our existing light fixtures and buy new glass globes. By just replacing the globes it will be a lot cheaper then buying all new lights.

This renovation has been economical and I have saved thousands of dollars by painting the existing cabinets rather then replacing them. Kevin Hobbs Painting and Company of Jacksonville, Florida did all my cabinets and walls and could not have done a better job! He is experienced and professional and that is part of a good renovation staying good and stress free!

So far my total cost of renovating the kitchen has been $10,000.

Next the granite counter tops will be professionally cleaned and polished and the travertine floor will be cleaned and resealed to bring back the natural stones luster.

The final fun decorating items will be added to give the kitchen a splash of color.

HGTV could not have done this job better! Stay Tune for the final pictures and the accent colors I chose to make my kitchen pop!

Tamara, Founder

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  1. Spooky & Nookie or is it Nookie & Spooky // April 4, 2017 at 2:59 AM // Reply

    Pop or Sizzle 🙂

  2. A Pop of turquoise and a Sizzle of plum!

  3. I just had a redo of our kitchen! I love it! it was a 1 week project that took 10 months so I feel for anyone who is tacking this!

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