The Journey Bracelet

Life is a journey. We hear this statement all the time.

-Are we going through life blindsided?
-Are we moving through life just to get through to the next day?
-Are we taking the good with the bad and just getting by everyday, every month, and every year?
-Are we accepting life the way it is and going through the motions?

“Life is a journey” If you re-read all those questions again they are all selfish and self-centered on us and not God. Life is a journey with God. God guides us every step of the way, even when we can’t see where are destination is.
If we allow God to walk ahead of us our journey is much easier and enjoyable. Our rough times are not as rough and our good times are more thankful. Taking the journey by ourselves is not what God intended. God is overjoyed when we allow him to guide us through our journey of life.

He will be the best tour guide you could ever imagine through the journey of life.

This Fourth Dimension G bead, The Journey Bracelet, was designed to reminded all of us we are not alone and our journey through life starts with our journey with God. Call us to order this bracelet at Original Piece flagship location in Jacksonville, Florida. Call 904-772-5439 and get FREE Shipping!

Tamara, Founder 


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