Reba McEntire’s Songs of Faith and Hope

Part of my night time beauty routine is listening to relaxing, inspiring music. My ‘go-to’ app for discovering new music is Spotify. I discovered Reba McEntire’s Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope when it first launch on Spotify last month!
I have already listened to it too many times to count and went to Target to get my copy of the CD. Each song on the album (some more familiar then others) is uplifting and inspiring. Reba gives each song a unique sound, and before long you will be humming along. My top three songs on the album are: In the Garden/Wonderful Peace (Medley), Back to God, and Hallelujah, Amen. Each song helps me unwind the day, prepare for tomorrow, and gives me peace.
Nina, Original Stylist

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