Lipstick Queen: Mornin’ Sunshine REVIEW

Lipstick Queen just launched a new lipstick for summer called Mornin’ Sunshine. Mornin’ Sunshine exclusively launched at Mornin’ Sunshine is a bright yellow lipstick, then turns into a beautiful shade of lush coral. As with Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince (green to pink), the color reacts with your natural PH, so the shade is going to be unique to you! The coral color is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect shade for summer! Lipstick Queen’s lipsticks are very moisturizing, buildable, and feel more like a lip balm then a lipstick.
I had never heard of, until ordering Mornin’ Sunshine. My lipstick was delayed in shipping, and SpaceNK’s customer service was very understanding, apologetic, and gave me a $5 credit for my next purchase! Needless to say, I will be ordering from again.
Lipstick Queen’s Mornin Sunshine is the perfect lipstick to throw in your beach bag or travel with this summer. It is a fantastic color to finish off your beach- sun kiss glow!
-Nina, Original Stylist

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