Renovation Continues

We are underway and surviving our kitchen renovation.  We started off with dark cabinets and dark granite counter tops which was starting to look dated. Now the cabinets are light, bright, and up to date and look really good with the dark granite counter tops.  Actually, by changing the cabinet color it made the dark granite look totally different in a good way.  The kitchen is coming together and the antiquing is going on the cabinets. Redoing the cabinets has taken several days and is a long process but they look like new.

I have done all the picking out of colors myself without the help of an interior decorator, except for looking in Florida Design for color ideas.

The green walls are disappearing and the kitchen and family room walls are being repainted. Matching the wall color with the cabinets has been stressful because I went against any rules of having 7 kids and am painting the walls off white!

Stay Tune as our renovation continues!

Tamara, Founder

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