Modern Renaissance Palette REVIEW

This Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette is a great everyday palette, this is one I always catch myself reaching for because of it’s versatility. This palette holds a lot of warm neutrals but also has some bold shades such as “Venetian Red”, “Red Ochre”, “Love Letter”, “Realgar.” These are perfect shades to create a romantic cut crease look, like I did below.
The colors are perfect for creating a smokey eye look and I can easily take my makeup look from day to night with this amazing palette! It’s $42 at Sephora and is currently in-stock. This palette will end up being the one you reach for every morning you do your makeup look, it is for me!
I love adding “Love Letter” to my makeup look for a bold POP of color!
Comment below if YOU love this makeup palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills!
-Allison, OGP Stylist


9 Comments on Modern Renaissance Palette REVIEW

  1. Great post! I love the modern Renaissance palette! I already hit pan on a few color 🙊! I also did a review on this on one of my previous posts! Check it out if you’d like (:

  2. Great post! This is my fav. palette I own.

  3. This is the best palette from 2016! xx, Britta & Carli from

  4. love this palette and this look!!xx

  5. This palette is in my top 3 faves! Lovely look 😍

  6. I have this palette

  7. I’ve been lusting after this palette for awhile! It always goes out of stock so quickly- just need to make the plunge and finally buy it hahaha but the price tag always holds me back! Red orchre and realgar look so amazing

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