Perfect 10 Cat Eye

The cat eye is in style again this season and I love it. It is a beauty style for all ages! It is a beauty application where you can put your own style into your cat eye look and really enhance your eyes. It takes practice and lots of mess ups before you achieve the perfect cat eye line for the shape of your eye. I use pencils, liquid liners, and now I have a favorite hydraGel Liner that is awesome and gives me the perfect straight black cat eye line.

Doll 10 HydraGel Eyeliner is easy to use. I thought I would have a hard time but I put my cat eye on with ease. I like it because it goes on smooth and the brush makes application easy. It dries fast and is waterproof  (I don’t have to use my hair dryer on cool setting and dry my eyeliner). The brush is really neat because there are 2 ends one side for a thin line and the other side gives a thick more dramatic cat eye.

Doll 10 is available through their website at for $28.00. You will love this liner xoxo!

Tamara, Founder


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