It’s Julep Time

With all the cute nail trends, it is easy to get hooked on acrylic and gel nails. These nail treatments are long-lasting and durable. If your like me and consistently go every two weeks, it can reek havoc on your natural nails. For about six months I alternated between acrylic and gel polish, never giving my nails a break, and needless to say when I decided to take a break my nails were weak and peeling.
I was thrilled when I discovered Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment. This treatment healed my weak, peeling nails, and restored my nails back to health! You can wear the treatment alone. I prefer to apply a thin layer as a base coat, because I love to have bright and bold colors on my nails!
Julep makes the Oxygen Nail Treatment in a few sheer shades, and I just saw Oxygen Nail Treatment in a Top Coat. Currently, the Top Coat is sold-out! Can’t wait to buy it and give it a try!

Nina, Stylist

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