Not Just Another Highlighter

Highlighters are all the rage this season and I can honestly tell you if you have not tried Laura Geller’s Baked Highlighting Duo in French Vanilla you are missing out. What makes this highlighter so great is it is for ALL ages. It not only adds shimmer and glow but it contours and conceals too. This is the only highlighter I will use to play up my best features and conceal my problem areas.
For example, I always brush Laura Gellers French Vanilla Highlighter over the top of my cheek bones making them look higher. If I didn’t not get much sleep the night before and have dark circles under my eyes a quick brush of this amazing highlighter takes care of it. If I have shadowing on the inside of my nose, again this highlighter hides it. I can brush some French Vanilla under my eyebrow and over my eyeshadow and I get an instant brow lift!
Laura Gellers Baked Highlighting Duo in French Vanilla is a staple at my make-up table. You can purchase Laura Geller’s Duo highlighter for $43.00 at Ulta.

Tamara, Founder

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  1. This highlighter is to die for! Do you have any pics of the swatches?

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