Move Over HGTV

HGTV doesn’t have anything on our kitchen remodel job. I can tell you how to go through a light face lift in your home and survive with 7 kids, home schooling and a business!
We needed to do some updating in the house. With 7 kids things get knocked around and banged up. My philosophy is fashions change every season and housing “fashions” change every 10 years.
 My kitchen cabinets are still in good shape along with our darker granite kitchen counters. However, everything was dark and the walls were green. I decided to change it. What I am doing is two toning the kitchen with cabinet color. The island and stove and hood vent will remain dark because I wanted them to match our cabinets in the family room, which are the same color.
This past week the primer went on and the base color is up. We ate at our local Long Horn for 3 days in a row because everything was taped up for spraying the primer and paint. Spring break came early and we took the week off because I could not teach school and function with no kitchen. The day the painters sprayed the cabinet frames in the kitchen the little kids and myself  stayed out back out of the way on the covered patio in the rain! That day we did not have Florida weather, it rained and was 61 degrees! That was the hardest day of the remodel so far. Not only that when I have people in and out of my house and the door chimes are going on and off I feel like I am constantly having to look for the little kids and worried the cats and dogs will escape out the doors. VERY Nerve Racking and I can’t relax!

This week the cabinet finish and wall color will go on. Stay Tune! Below is another photo of all the cabinets lined up as they dry with the new color just applied to them!

Tamara, Founder

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