Hocus Focus Time

My new favorite product from Soap & Glory is Hocus Focus! This product gives my skin an illuminating effect I love when I go fresh-faced at the beach. It smells amazing, reminds me a soap and I love the illuminating effect in the light this product gives my skin.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t stick on your skin. You can blend it in with your foundation or not. Sometime I put it on over my foundation to add a shimmer effect for spring/summer too! It was the last one that they had so I got it to try! I tried it on my hand and I love it, but when I tried it on my face I was an even bigger fan of it! The lightweight scent stays on with the product too, which I love. I got mine at Ulta for $15 and the product will last your for months. The bottle holds a lot so it is a bargain!

But if you are looking for a lightweight illuminator that smells amazing and will work amazing on your skin all day I definitely recommend this product! You can’t go wrong with Hocus Focus! So stay focused when you go to Ulta and get this product while you can!
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