Metal Allergy

Not to long ago I got my 3 year daughter’s ears pierced. We went to Claire’s and they did a great job and we had a great experience. Her ears seemed to be doing fine. She never touched them and we cleaned them everyday.

About 3 weeks after her ear piercing I noticed that she was not herself. She acted fatigued and had a loss of appetite. At first, I thought maybe she was just fighting a flu bug. I watched her thinking if she did not start feeling better I was going to take her to the doctor. I was worried about her because it is not like her to lay around, not play with her toys, and not go in our pantry and find a snack.

By this time we were able to take-out her starter earrings and put new ones in. I took them out and cleaned the posts and put them back in until I could get her a new earring set. Another week went by and we were still using her 14 karat gold, nickel-free starter set from Claire’s. I was about to make an appointment for the doctors that next week because I felt she was not getting any better and then it dawned on me that she may be allergic to the earrings!

Sure enough I took her earrings out and watched her over the weekend and by Sunday afternoon she was almost back to her old self playing, laughing, and sneaking in the pantry for a cookie. My daughter has a metal allergy, not to nickel because the earrings were nickel free. From research I believe it may have been a copper toxicity, a rare allergy to this metal. I was so concern about her feeling better I did not care about get new earrings and I let her ears close-up. I am just glad she is better.

I wanted to share this with all mom’s who are thinking about getting their daughters ears pierced because this was not a normal circumstance. This was not a normal rash, itching, or irritation around the ears from being allergic to earrings, especially to nickel.

I hope this helps moms and everyone who is thinking about getting their ears pierced and flu like symptoms occur it just may be a metal allergy.

Tamara, Founder

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