E.L.F. Edition: Flirty Flamingo

For spring it’s all about bold beautiful colors to wear on your lips. From blues to browns to pinks to oranges, if it’s bold it’s in!
As a beauty squad member for ELF Cosmetics I get a fun box every month featuring all their latest products. Some of their products aren’t out yet that I get to test, some are their most popular picks, and sometimes I get new brushes to try from their line. The ELF Cosmetics team is awesome and always so nice and helpful. I follow them on Snapchat and Instagram and stay up-to-date on everything they feature.

What I love most about their product is the price and how awesome their products are for how little they cost. My new favorite lipstick from them is the Flamingo Pink Velvet Matte Lipstick. To apply it I first do their lip exfoliator (which I bring everywhere with me) in the Rose.
Using the exfoliator ensures my lips are going to be smooth especially before apply a matte lipstick. It is a scrub in a stick for your lips and you just wipe it off with a cotton ball or napkin. You can see in the photo the sugar part of the exfoliator on the lipstick. After using the exfoliator my lips are hydrated and the Flamingo Pink easily applied to my lips.

In the photo above I am wearing this awesome velvet matte lipstick after using the ELF Exfoliator. The Flamingo Pink velvet matte lipstick is only $3 and the ELF Exfoliator in Rose is only $3! The lipsticks are amazing too and where else can you get two lipsticks that are amazing for less than $10?!
Are you an ELF fan?! What’s your favorite ELF Product?!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor


1 Comment on E.L.F. Edition: Flirty Flamingo

  1. I love that color!!!

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