National Puppy Day

We are celebrating National Puppy Day with Gatsby! He is the Original Piece brand’s official dalmatian mascot and he does all the photoshoots with the brand. When I first got him he was only 5 pounds and now at seven months yesterday he is officially 50 pounds!
He is Original Piece’s official logo because not one dalmatian is spotted the same. Each one is different, just like we are all original’s! Gatsby is definitely an original dalmatian because he is chocolate and black spotted and was born with a patch on his right ear.
He is a really sweet puppy he just has a ton of energy. I am definitely his owner though, he follows me everywhere and when he doesn’t see me he goes around looking for me. I try to take him for at least one walk a day or let my younger brother play soccer outside because that is Gatsby’s favorite sport.
He loves riding in my truck too. He sits up beside me and looks out or just lays in the back. My trick to having him trained up at the store or when we go out was I took him with me literally everywhere when he was a puppy. I’ve taught him how to sit, stay, paw, and when he barks and isn’t suppose to now he sits and lays down beside me.
Gatsby is definitely a lot of fun but definitely a huge handful. Having a puppy is definitely a full time job because they in your family. You have to take them out and feed them and watch them constantly. Gatsby as we like to say is in his ‘toddler’ stage. He is exactly like that when he goes around is stubborn for sure.
Be sure to follow Gatsby and keep up to date on all his fun Original Piece activities. New photoshoots are always planned! BE sure to stay tuned for our new line of Gastby tee’s! You can see more on our instagram too! @OriginalPiece @TheOriginalGatsby1
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor 

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