All About that Blazer

This spring it’s all about blazers… again. Not just any blazer though. A white blazer over your dresses is really popular, but also if you can find fun printed floral blazers, those are trending too. I’ve had this white blazer and I always pair it over my dresses from Original Piece. It gives my looks a touch of sophistication and also adds a trendy business flare.

I usually go for fun printed dresses and the white blazer tones them down for work. I usually pair this over any printed or solid dress I have. It’s a little thicker than a cardigan too so for cool spring nights the blazer is perfect!
In the photo above I’m wearing a fun printed piko dress that has pockets. It was cooler outside so the white blazer kept me warm, but also turned this casual dress into a business look instantly. I took Gatsby, my dalmatian puppy, on a walk that night and the blazer kept me warm but was also trendy too!
So for spring pull out your blazers! They aren’t just for a day at the office. Give your spring dress a fun twist and wear a white blazer with it wherever you have to go. COMMENT below what YOU think of this spring trend? Do you have blazers to wear? Follow me on INSTA to see more: @HeyitsCarlyRae
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor


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