You Are Amazing

I was at Target a few days ago looking for an exfoliating body scrub and came a cross You Are Amazing. The first thing I thought was I am going to buy You Are Amazing because we are all amazing Originals and it just seemed like good fit to me!  All kidding a side I liked the name, the colorful packaging and I sneaked a quick smell of the products before I bought them and they all smelled really good.

This is definitely a new favorite product of mine, not only because of the great quality and paragon free product but You Are Amazing has a great story behind their name.

You are Amazing partners with Girl Up. Girl Up is a United Nations Foundation to empower girls by providing education and leadership to girls in need in places and countries where being a girl is difficult.  Girl Up is a great foundation and you can learn more about Girl Up by going on their website or going to to learn more.

Go to Target and purchase one or all of these amazing products and support a wonderful foundation.

You Are Amazing is pretty amazing!

Available at Target for $3.99

Tamara, Founder


1 Comment on You Are Amazing

  1. Great finds & you have a lovely style of writing.

    P.s. I also have a high end beauty giveaway on: (& follow back) xo

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