Style with Brooches

  Are brooches a girl’s new best friend? Well, according to this new fresh fashion spring season, they are! Brooches are in the comeback zone for all ages! They are becoming an accessory to wear on just about everything you have, scarfs, hats, handbags, dresses, blazers, sweaters, jean jackets, and on the collars of shirts. You can get so many brooches in all different shapes, sizes, animals, quotes, colors, and really anything you want. I love anything vintage, and brooches are for sure my new thing!
They are so much fun to accessorize with and give my outfit a little more flash and trendiness. What really brought back the brooches was fashion week when Michael Kors featured brooches in his fashion show. His brooch designs are flawless and he gave them a trendy modern look to them to fit in with today’s fashion styles. They are for sure not only for older generations in this fashion season. Large brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Rochas, and Michael Kors all have beautiful brooches in their latest collections. Brooches are a classy and elegant accessory that has been through many generations of fashion and are back into our fashion world today. So get your creative retro mind on and join the brooch craze!

The photo featured in this article is my brooch collection, a little fun fact is that I got all of my brooches from Walmart! They are really great quality and go with everything. Walmart has a vast amount of choices of color, patters, animals, and so much more!
Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography

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