The 10 Second Man

DTRT 10 Sec is designed for the man that spends very little time fussing over themselves in the morning because they have better things to do. This product only requires 10 seconds of his time and does so much for his skin. The name itself describes my boyfriend and when I saw this sample product in his Birtchbox for Men I knew it would be something he might do.

DTRT 10 Sec All-in-One is literally an all-in-one grooming product for his face. It is a toner, lotion, essence, and perfume mixed into one product. It has toner and moisturizer that combats fine lines and dry skin, all with a great fragrance. Perfect for the guy that does not want to bother with too many products and only has 10 seconds to look good.

Available at Birtchbox Men and Nordstrom for $37.00 for a 4.7 oz bottle.

Sarah, OGP


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