Forever Lit Glow Kit- Nicole Guerriero

Anastasia Beverly Hills… as a beauty guru I’m sure you’ve heard the name of that brand before. Well, this is the first product I have by the Anastasia Beverly Hills line. I have to say I’m a huge fan! I love this Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit! It gives my cheeks and amazing shimmer! For spring this is my #1 Glow Kit pick right now!
Each glow color gives off an amazing shimmer glow that isn’t too much, but isn’t too little where you can’t see it. I applied two colors today: The GLO GETTER & The FOREVER LIT. I used the Glo Getter color on my cheeks and above I used the Forever Lit. I love how you could actually see the shimmer on my cheeks in my selfies and in my photos. It looks amazing and it stays all day. You can see the glow on my cheeks at any ankle, which is amazing.

I loved the packaging of this product too. It’s easy to take with me when I’m packing or on the go. I got this product at Sephora for $40! It was the last one and I was so glad I got it while I could. Funny story I left my wallet in my car because I thought I’ll just look today, but I couldn’t resist this product! There were only two left on the shelf of this kit one sold while I was in there. I ran back to my car and ran back and got the kit, the last one! 🙂

Online it is currently sold out, but add it to wish list because this is definitely a Glow Kit you will want during the spring and summer. I absolutely LOVE it! It makes me feel beautiful inside and out and I love the glow effect on my cheeks.
Have you tried this Glow Kit?! What’s your favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills product?! Follow me on Insta to see more: @HeyitsCarlyRae
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor


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