Cheering for Cheerios

We at Original Piece are into healthy eating.  With our busy schedules in retail and fashion it is hard to always eat the way we have it pictured in or heads. Some of us at the magazine are moms which is another reason to be concerned with healthy eating habits. So when we find a food that we believe passes our test of healthy and easy we pass it onto you. We have all been concerned with GMO’s on our food labels and we decided at the office to try to avoid GMO foods as much as possible, if not for our sake but for our children as well. We have found this task not to be so easy.
Looking at most labels on the grocery shelves you will see bolded GMO modified or partially modified with GMO. Cereal is a tough one and it is in all of my children’s favorite cereals. I went on a hunt down the cereal aisle and only found a hand full of non-GMO cereals. One is good old Cheerios. Not all the Cheerios, just the plain Cheerios, the ones your children do not like past 2 years old.

So be careful of hidden GMO’s labeled at the bottom of the ingredients. As I find brands I think you will want to know about that have no GMO’s I will be sure to get it out to you! If you know of any good non-GMO snacks for our kids comment below and we will be sure to share!

-Gina, Writer and Contributor

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