Shoes Are a Girls’ Best Friend

When I am working or shopping and my feet start hurting that is all I can think about until I can get my shoes off.  I am always looking for stylish and comfortable shoes. I was at Stein mart the other day because I had a 20% off coupon to use. I personally like Stein mart for designer shoes because they always have a great selection.
I believe I have found the most comfortable and fashionable heels on the planet.  Life Stride shoes are a life saver.

I wore my black pair of Life Stride heels yesterday. I had a busy day with work and family. I was at my store, I walked the mall, went to a sporting goods store (which are huge inside), and went to dinner and my feet did not hurt one bit and I had them on all day! I even picked the baby up several times, pushed her stroller, and got her up and down in her car seat from my SUV.
I am so impressed with my heels that I can look stylish and business-like and be a mom with NO sore feet!

Life Stride has a great website and offers a lot of different styles and sizes. Their shoes have a special technology built into their soft soles that are very supportive as well. Stride Life shoes have many styles available from fashionable to practicable shoes, and priced very affordable.

I am a fan.

I purchased these two pair at Steinmart for $44.99 each and I had a 20% coupon too!
Tamara, Founder

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