NYX Glitter Lips

You the saying: Be Bold? Well today I decided to be bold in my makeup look and the NYX glitter lips that I have seen trending all over instagram, pinterest, and on all the makeup bloggers! I got the last NYX Glitter primer and the last glitter that is used for your body or face.
I decided to give it a try and see if it actually would look like glitter lips. Well, I first applied the NYX Glitter primer to my lips. It is a matte-like gloss that you apply all over your lips. I would recommend the more glitter you want to apply on your lips the thicker you need to apply the primer. After you apply the primer all over your lips (be sure not to miss spot because the glitter won’t stick if you do!) you open the Glitter Brilliant. You can pour out the glitter from the bottle on your finger and then dabb it on your lips. The more vibrant you want the glitter the more glitter you need to apply on your lips.

I did it fairy thick so you could see the glitter, because why not go big when you try this trend?! Comment below what you think of this trend! Have you tried the glitter lip trend yet?! Next I want to do an ombre red and silver glitter!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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