First Fashion Photoshoot… Ever

So today is Thursday and that means it’s time for a little throwback for all our readers. I decided to feature some candid shots from our very first photoshoot from Original Piece a few years ago when we officially launched the brand. I got to do the first photoshoots with Original Piece and I was so excited and really nervous. I had never really gotten my photo taken except for the ones with my family and I wasn’t sure how to pose… but the amazing thing with our brand Original Piece is you don’t have to be a professional model. We embrace everyone and everyday people, which is what I love most. We embrace everyone’s own originality.

In the photo above it was one of our first-ever photoshoots for Original Piece. It was so hot outside as we were doing fall’s photoshoot in July. In Florida that means it’s literally at least 90 degrees and this shoot was in a forest area, which made it hotter.

In the candid close up above my hair featured a rose braid. I loved my hair style for that shoot it was easy to do and it stayed the whole shoot, surprisingly because it was so hot outside.
Each photoshoot we do then or now always has a theme of embracing your own originality! Be sure follow Original Piece on social media!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor


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