Passengers Movie Review

So last night I watched Passengers with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawerence. I didn’t what to expect. I saw the previews, but the previews definitely didn’t let you know everything about the move. Overall, I really liked the movie! It had the perfect balance between an action movie (for guys) and romance (for girls).

An overview of the movie is they are all on a futuristic plane or space ship known as the Starship that is traveling to a new planet, Homestead II, with over 5,000 people to inhabit that planet. Everyone is in hibernation for over 100 years as they travel to the new plant. That way they are still young and just like were when they went to sleep on Earth years ago. Chris Pratt’s character Jim has a malfunction on his hibernation pod and wakes up only 30 years into the journey. He is alone for over a year on the Starship until he decides to wake up Aurora, Jennifer Lawrence’s character.

Passengers the Movie
A year goes by without him telling her that he woke her up. Without giving out too many spoilers, they find out later that the Starship is damaged and if they don’t fix it the Starship will explode killing everyone.
That’s all the spoilers I’ll give out… you can watch the movie and find out the rest! IF you have seen the movie comment below and let me know what you thought about it.

Above is the movie trailer so if you haven’t caught up on this movie you can! Overall, it was an awesome movie for a date night! It has the perfect mix of action and romance! Chris Pratt of course if amazing in this movie too!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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