Illustra Beauty Ceramic Styling Brush

I love make-up, skincare, and nails, but I am not a hair girl! I embrace my natural waves, and let my hair have a mind of its own. I am not very coordinated with hair tools, I never get my hair-styled like you see pictured or featured on Youtube videos. The only hairstyle I can achieve is the “sock bun.”
I was watching QVC, and I saw a demonstration for the Illustra Beauty Ceramic Styling Brush. I thought, “Hey, I could do that.” Guess, What? I really can. It is absolutely the easiest hair tool I have ever used! For me a straightener leaves my hair flat, and I feel unflattering. The heated brush gives my hair a straighten look with a hint of volume, which I feel is much more flattering. It is just like brushing my hair, I don’t have to use any special technique to achieve the look.
The Illustra Beauty Ceramic Styling Brush heats each bristle separately and offers six different heat settings. My favorite feature is the 20 minute automatic shut off, because I can be so absent minded in the morning, preparing for my day ahead I usually leave stuff on. Now, I don’t I have to fret, if I turned my beauty tool off! The Illustra Beauty Ceramic Styling Brush is a minimal beauty investment of approximately $50.00! If you are afraid of hair tools, or you are like me and don’t have knack for hair, give the heat brush a try!
Nina, Original Stylist

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