Dare to be Different

I love the spirit tee! Especially now that’s it’s getting warmer for days at the beach! I got to do the new swimwear photoshoot for Original Piece’s new swimwear line and I loved pairing this ‘Dare to be Different’ Spirit tee over my suit! It’s so comfortable especially when you don’t want to get anymore sun on the beach!

I burn easily so after a long day on location at the beach or during the summertime, I love pairing an oversized tee over my suit! The ‘Dare to be Original’ spirit tee is also in my favorite color blue and I am a huge fan of the ‘Gatsby’ logo.
Before finding this spirit tee I looked everywhere for a comfortable oversized tee to bring with me for beach days. I was so excited when I found this one and I got to wear it in the shoot. It’s perfect for spring break next week and definitely something I will be bringing with me! It’s easy to fold and I can bring it with me to the beach as a coverup!
Plus, a girl can’t go wrong with a spirit tee over their swimsuit, it’s my new ‘go-to’ coverup to bring with me to the beach and over my new Original Piece suit! It matches this new pink one piece I just got perfectly! Above is one of the ads of me in the new Original Piece swimwear and spirit tees for spring/summer!
What DO you think of the Spirit TEE idea for your suit?! DARE TO BE DIFFERENT and rock this new fun trend this spring/summer season! Comment below or check-out more on my instagram page: HeyitsCarlyRae
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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