How to get that Glow

Do you want soft, silky, smooth skin? Then Oly Active Hydrating is your product! This is my most favorite face product to use every night after I wash my face. After I use my regular face wash to rid my face of foundation and makeup, my skin gets really dry. I use Noczema face wash, which is a really brilliant product and prevents my face from getting any breakouts, but it drys out my face. So what I do every night after completing my routine is I use Oly Active Hydrating “beauty fluid location” on my face and neck.

What I do is squeeze a little lotion from the bottle into the tips of my hands and rub the lotion all over my face. As I finish my face, I squeeze more and place it onto my neck. It gives you the most wonderful and fresh cold clean sensation when finished. When you awake in the morning, get ready for flawless soft smooth skin that will last all day! The Olay Active Hydrating beauty is made here is USA. It is a product every girl should have in her face washing routine because you get those results of complete silky skin. Your face even glows! It lets you embrace your natural beauty and keeps you face with a fresh confident glow!
Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography


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