Behind-The-Scenes at our Swimwear Photoshoot

So yesterday was my first-ever swimwear photoshoot for Original Piece. I had never done a swimwear photoshoot before and I admit I was nervous about it. Getting your photo taken in swimwear is a lot different than in a dress… because let’s face it you can hide what your most self-conscious about in a dress but swimwear is definitely unforgiving!
I got a spray tan yesterday before the shoot. I’ve gotten one before but this time the machine was updated. The spray tan machine at Sol Tanning actually talks to you. My spray tan was $30 and that included a base coat, which means you get sprayed from and back with a pre-tan so it avoids the streaks. Then comes the actual instant tan. You can sprayed from and back and both sides. The machine talks to you and tells you what number to place you feet on. Plus in between each coat you get dried, so your not dripping with tan when you are done and it’s evenly distributed on your skin.
When I was done I gently dabbed the excess on my hands and I was ready to go.
I instantly had a glow!
Above is a selfie with the spray tan machine! It cleans the machine too when you are done!
Next was the photoshoot and I was super nervous at first, but once I started getting photos done I got settled down and used to it. Ralphi from Ralphi’s Photography did an amazing job at making you feel at ease and not awkward. There wasn’t many people around, which helped too.
I showered last night, and I was scared my tan would come off, but after I showered I applied the Jargons self-tanner and I am still today as much as I was yesterday! I definitely can’t wait to get another tan, without a burn! 🙂

Above is a sneak peek look at this amazing one piece from Original Piece, that you can buy in-store and online tomorrow!
Comment and let me know what your thoughts are on the swimwear and if you have gotten a spray tan before!!
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xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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