DIY Landscape Roses Edition

Spring is in the air and it is time to do touch-ups around the yard. This DYI job is about getting your eye off the ground and looking up at the house. If you only have small low growing plants around the perimeter of your home you are not doing justice to your home or landscape. Most professional landscapers create tiered hedges and important focal points to look at around the house. Below is a photo of the landscape BEFORE this DIY project!

This tactic makes the house look bigger and easier for the eye to look at the house and not the ground. Shrubs and hedges are a great way to do just that, however, there is a trick to it looking like you had a professional landscaper come and do the job. My rule is you layer and tier your beds, especially the beds in fronts of your home. Below is a photo of all the new landscape plants I chose.
First, pick a hedge and there are many to pick from depending on where you live and which way your house faces the sun. Once you have the hedge picked out you look for something to go in front of the hedge that will be shorter then the back hedge like roses and then one more shrub is great to plant in front of that one too. I recommend tiering your beds around the house especially in the front of your home. Always ask your nursery how far apart to plant your shrubs, you don’t want to pack them in or plant them to far apart as they grow and mature.
In this job we have a front flower bed that has four tiers. The back row is podocarpus in the second row I picked double knock out roses and in front of that is variegated lilies and then a low baring juniper ground cover.

Good Luck and send me your DYI landscape job and it could get featured on OGP mag and you could have a chance to when a $100 dollar Home Depot gift card!
J.R., MrOriginalJr

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