Body Bling by Scott Barnes

Hollywood Tanning

If you have never tried Body Bling by Scott Barnes then you are missing out on how to get a sunless tan the way Hollywood does. I have been using Body Bling for a few years and it is on my “must have” shelf. Body Bling is a lotion that gives you a tan instantly! It is not like some of the self tanners that take a few applications to get any tan.

Another plus to this great product is you also get moisture and a tan all-in-one. It lasts all day and I have never had the color rub off onto my clothes. I use Body Bling on my legs because it adds color and shimmer to make my spider veins less noticeable in my sundresses and shorts giving me sun-kissed look. To apply simple rub in evenly on your skin and I have learned a little goes a long way. Available on Amazon for  $42.00 and comes in Platinum and or Original.

Tamara, Founder OGP 
Live Original!

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