The Treatment Your Skin Needs

It is hard for me to take time out for just myself but when I do I like going to the spa. I don’t go to the day spa to get massages, facials, and a manicure for relaxation. I go to Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery and get a non-surgical treatment done about every two months. I have the best aesthetician in the world and she is up-to-date on all the state of the art skin treatments available. Non-surgical procedures have helped my skin so much. I rotate and get different non-surgical procedures done according to how my skin feels and looks. This time I got SkinPen Micro needling Therapy.
mom-instaIt is a great procedure that really works well on my skin. It is designed to get new collagen working and give you a youthful appearance. It helps minimize any wrinkles or scaring. I have an abrasion type scar above my top lip from falling with my rescue dog on the pavement and SkinPen really does reduce the appearance of what it looks like.
It is actual micro needles that the aesthetician applies to your face and neck and it is a little uncomfortable. They first apply a prescription numbing cream to your face 30 minutes prior to the procedure to help with any discomfort you may feel. For me SkinPen is a little uncomfortable but the results are great. It is the most tender when the micro needles go around my cheek bones and neck.
A little bit of pain with big results for around $300.00. I love the treatment results and so will you! Above is a photo of my skin after I get this treatment!
-Tamara, Founder OGP

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