Let’s Flamingle Lip Injection

I’ve been seeing all the different ‘lip injection’ lip glosses on instagram lately and has been curious to find one that actually works. I started off getting the new GlamGlo Plumping Metallic one. I have to tell you if you it was one of the worst products I have tried. It burned my lips so bad  I had to take it off in less than a minute. It was hard to figure out how to get the brush even out of the bottle and when I did finally figure it out it was a stick applicator not even a brush!
I went to return the product and the person working couldn’t even figure out how to OPEN IT! The new GlamGlo I would definitely stay away from and it didn’t even make my lips look bigger!!
Now I did find a lip injection gloss that actually does work and doesn’t burn. It’s the Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in the Let’s Flamingle.
My lips had a fuller look and it gave a nice pink color with an amazing shine. I wore it and got so many compliments on my lipstick! It is definitely a product I recommend trying.
I took a photo above with the gloss on so you can actually see it and the product photo below has a brush applicator so it smoothly goes on your lips. It also leaves a nice film on your lips that adds moisture to your gloss!
Have you tried this product? Do you have a favorite lip product?!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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