QVC Beauty in a Box

I love to shop and one of my favorite spots to stop at is the makeup sections of the department stores. I like looking at all the new products and smelling all the perfumes. However, when you have kids the make-up department becomes so less glamourous. They are sticking their fingers in the samples or running up the aisle trying to get away from the perfumes that I find smells so good. I am so busy telling them to “stop it!” that I leave the glitter, shine, and beauty behind.
img_3879What I do is order my beauty boxes online so I can try them, use them, smell them at home, and then decide whether I like a product or not.

QVC offers some really awesome beauty boxes. Many of their beauty boxes are my favorite beauty items picked from the hosts that work at QVC or from customers like us who buy the products.

This beauty box I picked is from Shawn Killinger, Product Host for QVC. The box includes seven of her favorite beauty items. Her box retails for $29.50 plus shipping and handling. If you check the auto delivery when ordering this box from the QVC website Shawn will be offering brand new beauty picks for her June and October beauty box kits that will automatically come to your door step. How neat is that!

Tamara, Founder OGP

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