Going GMO Free


GMO is something that I am trying to avoid. If you have looked at any of the ingredients in your favorite foods or drinks lately you may be surprised to see GMO’s as part of the label. I have researched and educated myself to some degree on GMO’s and watched  videos available on the subject. I have found it hard to decide whether they are safe to eat or avoid.
img_3878Until I can decide about GMO’s I am going to try to avoid eating them as much as possible. Going to the grocery store is a challenge to find foods that are GMO free.  All the snack foods and fun foods are out because most contain GMO’s. So I started looking at brands that I am not familiar with.  I was so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY when I found these snacks at my local Publix. “Normal” snack foods that are free of GMO’s!

It is a food challenge to find GMO free foods! Join OGP MAGIZINE and write in and share your favorite GMO free foods and snacks.

Sandra B., Staff Writer and Contributor to OGP MAG
Where it is cool to be an Original!


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