Lipstick That Changes Color

Say WHAT?! Yeah when I first heard about Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl I had the same exact reaction… is there really such a thing?! Then I saw the product and I thought ‘Definitely NOT!’ It’s black lipstick how could it be anything but that? Well I was definitely wrong and definitely surprised when I found out more about this product!
This product is infused with black rose oil, hence the color. But really it just gives you lips a nice moisturizing touch and plumping effect. It is really smooth on and it actually feels like a lip balm rather than an actual lipstick.
It gives a nice dark red color to my lips and is super shiny when I put it on. Above is what the product actually looks like on so you can see the comparison. It’s amazing on and it’s perfect for the spring season when you don’t want something really heavy on your lips. The one pictured above is in the Noir Revelateur color and it’s my new obsession!

Comment below! HAVE YOU seen this Givenchy product?! HAVE YOU tried it?!
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  1. Ahhh this is such a cool product:) the color looks gorgeous on you😘❤️

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