Saving at Dillards

With 7 children, running a business, and homeschooling, I don’t always have time for coupon shopping or keeping up with sales at all the stores around town or on the internet. I know I could do better with savings, however, it’s something that takes time and concentration. I always get embarrassed at the grocery store, especially when ALL the children come with me and I get to check out and the cashier asks me if I have any coupons?  I respond “No” and they always look at me with the expression of ‘Are you kidding?!’ This always makes me have a twinge of guilt. I feel like saying to them I can’t do coupons, I have little kids running ahead of me, I can get really ADD in the store trying to figure out meals to cook, and I cannot pull and organize coupons because I am not Martha Stewart! I know if I had the time I could do better at saving, especially at the grocery store.
Every once in a while I am lucky and make up for not doing as good as I could at the grocery store and this week I stumbled on my deal of the year.

So when I came up with this savings from Dillard’s this past week I just had to brag about it because I am really proud of myself for finding such savings.
img_3616They were offering an additional 40% off already marked down products and bedding was one of them.I have been looking to replace the kids comforters and sheets for the past six months but kept putting off because it can be expensive. I did not expect to get the deals I got on comforters for the children. I bought 6 comforters for the price of one! This including 3 packs of pillow cases all for $280.00! I could not believe the deal I got.

Dillard’s had better deals then the discount stores with designer brand quality.

Thank you Dillard’s for making saving money easy for someone like me who does not always have the time to clip coupons.

Tamara, OGP Founder


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