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Something that I love that a lot of you guys don’t know is I love vinyl records. I started collecting them about six years ago and I fell in love with the raw sound of vinyl. The record players are amazing and they keep coming out with new record players that I love. I have a Crosby record player that I’ve had for a while and it works great, I’ve never had any problems with it.
I used to only be able to get vinyl records from an online website and have to order all the ones I wanted. But not vinyls have become more and more popular with the big names releasing their music on Vinyl! I just got La La Land soundtrack at Barnes and Noble and I had to selfie with it to show you guys how excited I am to have gotten this!
The La La Land is Special Edition and I saw one at Dillards (yes Dillards now sells vinyl records) but it was open and someone scratched it.
This was the last and only one left at Dillards. I got it as soon as I saw it! Have you listened to this yet? Where do you guys recommend getting vintage vinyls. I have a large collection of the Beatles and Aerosmith and others that I listen to all the time. I actually have my whole collection alphabetized too!!
What’s your favorite music to listen to! As you know I love ALL music types!

xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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  1. I LOVED Lala Land’s music. I need to get a record player! Amazing blog post! Feel free to check out my page too!

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