Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

Vice Liquid Lipstick by Urban Decay is awesome! I ran into Ulta to grab shampoo and conditioner and as I was walking down the aisle this lipstick color called Conspiracy caught my eye and I had to try it. I have never tried anything by Urban Decay because I thought this makeup brand was to young for me.
I was so glad I decided to buy it for myself, it has become my very very favorite lipstick! I put it on and it was so smooth and easy to apply. What makes it my favorite lipstick is you can’t tell you have lipstick on! Your lips don’t feel sticky and thick where you want to wipe it off, instead you forget you even have Vice Liquid Lipstick on. Another plus is it is waterproof and long lasting so one application will last all morning long. I am going back to Ulta and getting more colors. Never think you are to old to try something new because it just might make you feel and look young.

This product is an Original 5 Star Rating.

Tamara, Founder OGP

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