Outdoor Decor for Spring

Pots at the front door can catch your eye or can be an eye sore. How can you make a good impression at your front door with flower pots? Pots can look classy or cluttered at your entrance way. You’re better off getting one or two nice pots that suit your home’s style and stay away from getting several small pots to set around your door. Many people make the mistake of cluttering up their front door foyer with flower pots which can cheapen the whole look of the house . Nice flower pots can be an investment, but it can really accent your home. So it is a good idea to shop around and take your time finding the right pots for your front door foyer.
img_3401My philosophy is keep your pots proportional to your home. If you have a big entrance way then you need flower pots that are tall or that sit on a tall pedestal. If your entrance way is smaller then get smaller pots, however just because your house may be small your entrance can still look grand by putting one or two smaller pots on a shorter pedestal this makes the entrance look more expensive. A big mistake I see people do all the time is putting orange, clay pots down on the cement by the front door. This will not do a thing for the appearance of your house and you are better off having nothing. Look around at your local nurseries and online and pick the right pots for your entrance.
img_3398Once you have your pots what you put in them is just as important. You want to ask the people that work at the nursery what will grow according to what exposer your door is facing. I always like to have something tall in the pots and something that hang down the sides and then have some color.
img_3400In this project I found these travertine pots and pedestal at a local nursery. I filled each pot with a tall white lilly, hanging ivy, and red sedum.
img_3397So above is the final product with all the flowers in the pots and them set beside the doorway!


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