Finding the Right Dentist For Your Kids

I’ve had many dentists for my children through the years and some of my kids have had good and bad experiences. I have learned that it is better for me to find a dentist that reaches my standards and expectations, instead of the dentist telling me what standards to expect.

Choose your dentist wisely for your children. Children view the dentist as a scary and painful place, especially if they have felt insecure in the past about going.  A teeth cleaning for your child can be stressful. For the younger kids it is fear of pain and shots. Even though teeth cleanings usually do not require shots, kids are not dumb and know that if they have not been brushing good enough the next dental visit may require a shot. There is no toys in the treasure box to help cope with the fear of the dentist to a child.

For the big kids a bad experience from when they were younger can memorize them into fear forever more.  This leads to fewer dental visits as adults and they are less likely to have proactive  dental health as adults.  This type of fear leads to avoidance which leads to possibly more invasive dental work later on in life.

Moms’ need to have a great relationship with their family dentist or pediatric dentist. Having a friendly dentist and staff makes a huge difference for a positive experience for your child. If you do not feel comfortable with your dentist, your child won’t either. If the dentist will not allow you to go back to the exam chair with your child, think twice about continuing that relationship with that dentist. It is important to know and like your dentist because that relationship you establish as a parent will follow your child into adulthood. Start them out young going to the dentist to formalize them with the routine exam and equipment  and x-rays that looks scary to them.

Take time to research, interview, and look at reviews of a new dentist before making an appointment for child. Finding the right dentist is important to your child’s future dental health. The goal is for them to actually like going to the dentist to maintain their pearly whites!
-Tamara, Founder

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