Polo Red

Out of all the Polo scents I choose Polo Red.  Out of all the cologne scents I have I get the most compliments when I wear Polo Red. I like the deodorant body spray because it’s affordable and has great value at $23.00 for a 6 oz aerosol spray can verses $68.00 for a 2.5 oz bottle of en toilet Polo Red cologne.
The difference between the two is the fragrance strength.  The body spray will wear of sooner then applying the en toilet or cologne. I prefer the metal aerosol spray bottle over the glass bottle of the cologne because I can throw it in my gym bag and not worry about the bottle breaking.

Polo Red has won Fragrance  Foundation Fragrance of the Year Award snd Consumers Choice Award. You can buy Polo Red anywhere that sells Polo fragrances.


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