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Jacksonville Zoo was a great way to spend the day with the kids. We took a field trip for the day and it was worth the time and money we spent.
We had a great day and there were so many things to see at the zoo. The temperature was not too hot or cold so the animals and their babies were out  and enjoying the weather. Our favorite stop was getting to feed the giraffes the kids really liked that. The gorillas and bonobo’s were so  interesting to watch because the female gorillas and bonobo’s had their babies out and we watched them in amazement for a long time.
The Zoo also has a Sting Ray exhibit and you can pet them.  A train that circles around the grounds  and a real working carousal you can ride is  big highlight for family pictures. The Jacksonville Zoo is featuring an event called “Get Connected to Nature!” This event features Sean Kenney a world renowned artists. His work will be on display through the park until May 7 and it is amazing. My favorite was a full size zebra that was built with over 120,000 bricks! You can go on jacksonvillezoo’s.org and get a closer look at his work. Ralphi, my daughter took this photo on her professional camera.
lego-zebraIf you ever come to Jacksonville, Florida the zoo is a great attraction. If you live nearby and have not visited the zoo lately it is a great way to spend the afternoon and support the Jacksonville Zoo.
The photo below was taken by Ralphi too of the gorillas at the zoo.

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