DYI: Beach House Landscape Final

The front is done! I laid some more existing pond pebbles rock to freshen the beds up. I constructed a retention wall at the walkway next to the driveway due to the slope of the lot.
It was had always been an erosion problem and would continually wash away soil and rock. For the retention wall we used pavers that I purchased at Home Depot. To keep the paver bricks in place I used masonry glue between each paver.
The bed will now hold in the soil and rock keeping the flower bed nice and the driveway clean.

Paver brick wall cost a total of  $100.00 for pavers and material. I think it was a nice addition to the walkway.
img_321045 bags of pond pebbles @ $4.36 a bag
img_3213This total 3 day DYI beach house landscape renovation cost $1100. I really enjoyed this project and will be doing the backyard in the weeks to come. Stay Tune.


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  1. Fabolous, now I am missing the beach house, but all else is doable!

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