Sunscreen Favorite

Wearing sunscreen underneath your makeup is a very important beauty routine. It does not matter where you live wearing sunscreen gives protection and prevents premature aging. You are exposed to UV rays whether it is sunny or not or whether it is in the middle of winter or in the sunny days of summer you still need protection.
img_3140I live in Florida, which is hot and sunny most of the year and sunscreen is a necessity. I have tried lots of sunscreens on my face and some are great and others have been just ok.

One of my favorite of favorites is Spackle by Laura Geller. It is a great under make-up primer with SPF 30 and a broad spectrum sunscreen. I put on my Spackle first then if my face is feel dry I moisturize and then apply makeup. It goes on smooth, no caking and blends in perfectly with the rest of my make-up.

Retails for $32.00 where Laura Geller products are sold.

Gina, OGP contributor

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