DIY Landscape Edition: Part 2

Day 2

Day two of my DYI beach house landscape job went well. We continued moving to the front of the house and shopped for plants and more mulch. When shopping for plants and trees you always need to keep in mind which way the house is facing. If your house faces north, like this beach house, you want to buy plants that only require up to 4 to 5 hours of sun. If you are not sure what to buy a person that works at the nursery that can help you.
img_3121When I pick out a plant to buy for the flower beds I like to have a theme, whether they match in color or type. It is always good if you have a few annual flowering plants because it gives the beds a burst of color. I like to have a few annual flowering plants in my beds that flower at different times that way you see color throughout the growing season. It is all right to mix and match just as long as everything goes together, almost like putting an outfit together.

My little brother and myself worked at getting plants for the middle of the yard which is a huge focal point because the walk way runs up to the front door. We went to our local nursery and picked out several plants, including two flowering ones. The purple flowering plants are Santana and behind them you see a plant that looks like a house plant but it is Birds of Paradise, which flowers too. I mixed in Asparagus ferns to give the walkway a tropical feel. The Boxwood topiary tree with the round balls give this section a mini focal area to look at and I pulled the tree into the landscape by adding three round Boxwood bushes. I also added more Agave plants to tie in the left flower bed. I purchased three small Philodendron plants and as they grow will give height toward the back of the bed. Around the eye catching centered palm tree I added variegated Ginger plants that add color to the bed.

My next job will be adding a retention wall by the front walkway to hold the bed together next to the driveway that needed but not done when the house was originally landscaped. To complete the front we will also add pool rock around some of the plants and fill in some bags of existing river rock to some areas of the bed that need freshening up.

Stay tune for the retention wall project next as my on my DYI beach house landscape job continues.


20 bags of red mulch @ $2.89 each Home Depot
1  Boxwood Topiary tree @$99.99
3 Boxwood bushes @$ 14.99 each
4 Variegated Ginger plants @ $14.99 each
2 Agave Plants @$30.00
4 Birds of Paradise  @ $12.99 each
4 Asparagus Ferns @$12.99 each
3 Philodendron plant @ $16.99 each
6 Santana @$4.99 each


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