Sperry Top-Sider Edition

Not All Sperry Top-Siders are the Same

Shoes are a hard sell for me. I like comfort, style, and shoes that I can dress up or dress down. Sperry Top-Siders have always been a good shoe and go with just about everything I wear. If you own a brown pair of Sperry’s you literally have a shoe that goes with your whole wardrobe, except for maybe a suit and tie.
I have personally always have a brown pair and a white pair for summer. I wear brown in the winter with my darker clothes. My white Sperry’s look great with all my shorts, denims, and summer pants. I get lots of compliments on them, especially my white pair and I think that is why I like them too.
I have always seen their luxury Gold Cup Sperry’s but never wanted to splurge and pay that much for a pair of casual shoes. I was looking for a new pair of white Sperry’s and the local Sperry store only had the more expensive Gold Cup. I knew I wanted a new pair of white Sperry’s so I went ahead and paid the difference. They are so much more comfortable then the regular Sperry’s and since that day it is all I wear. I even upgraded my brown pair to the Gold Cup. It is worth the price difference for the comfort and richer look. The salesman warned me that if I bought one pair of gold Cups that I would never go back and he was right.


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