DIY Landscape Edition

I believe landscape is like anything else and if you don’t keep up your yard it can fall out of fashion. It is an industry that too offers innovated technology and materials to keep your yard looking pristine.

 I like doing  DYI landscape improvement projects. It always makes a home look fresh, new, and updated. Overgrown trees and plants can drag a house down and make it look old. Sometimes plants have to be replaced to give the home a nice updated look or the flower beds need to be changed out.

This one I am sharing became a big project. I am going to divide it up into sections in the yard so you can see the improvements that I have done that are economical and not that hard to do. I will take you through this landscape project and explain what I have done and how much the entire project will it cost.

Hey, I am 17 years old and if I can do it anyone can!

I have one employee and that is my little brother who helps me get the job done.
beforeThe picture you see above is a beach home and although the landscape was kept up it looked dated and a hurricane hit the area last year leaving the yard in need of repair with replacement of plants, trees and beds.

I started at the front, left side to the center of the yard.  When I looked at the yard there was overgrown lilies around the centered, eye catching palm tree that needed to be completely taken out. Rose bushes that had died from the hurricane, grasses that had been randomly placed from the original landscaper of the home that needed to be transplanted. Palm trees that had not survived the winter needed to be dug up. The rock that covers the entire flower bed was everywhere and frankly looked dated and this is only in the front of the house let alone the sides and backyard.
img_3081I dug up all the old foliage to either be replaced or transplanted somewhere else in the yard.

Boulders in the yard are always a great landscape “nic nac” and look great anywhere. However, do not over do boulders in the yard, one or two placed in focal spots with grasses or flowers planted in front of the rock looks professional and classy.
img_3082I got rid of the rock flower bed and replaced it with red mulch which is economical and then re-used some of the extra rock around to highlight the palm trees and plants which in turn made the entire house POP. This is a new, easy up dated look that a lot of landscapers are doing in residential and commercial projects.

Cost so far:

15 bags Red mulch @ $2.50 a bag Home Depot
3  Agave plants @ $30.00 each Local nursery
1  Pygmy Date Palm @ $80.00 Home Depot
Stay tune for the next section of the beach house yard I will be landscaping this weekend.

-J.R., OGP

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